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Setup and Validation for E911: Getting Started with Voiply 999

In this guide we will go over the setup and validation of your address and emergency contacts to ensure that 999 will be ready to assist if ever needed.

1) Log into your portal to get started, from here you can see the E911 button, we will want to click here to make changes to this address if needed:

Please note that this is the address where first responders will report to.

When satisfied with the changes, simply click Verify Changes

2) Next we will want to ensure that the correct contacts are setup in the 999 Emergency App, click the pencil icon to get started:

To add contacts, simply add the Name and Phone Number and then click the "+" sign. Click Save changes when done.

3) After you have setup and verified E911 address and your Emergency 999 Contacts list, please be sure to click Apply Changes on your portal to ensure everything is updated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via chat.

Updated on: 04/21/2021

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