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How to Make International Calls with Voiply Home

How to Make International Calls with Voiply Home

Written by Ryan Lowe

Note: VoIPly has a 60-minute call limit per international call, so any call will automatically disconnect after this time. This is a global setting and cannot be changed.

Dial “011” on your keypad. Use the International Direct Dialing (IDD) number for the U.S. before dialing any other numbers. This signals that the phone number you will dial next is outside of the United States.

Put in the country code next. Determine the country code for the country you are calling to. This number will vary depending on what the country of origin is for the number you wish to dial, but it will always have 1-3 digits.

As an example, if you were calling a phone number in Australia, the country code is “61.” So, you would dial 011 (IDD number) then 61 (country code).

Note that some countries share a country code. For instance, the United States, Canada, most of the Caribbean, Guam, and other U.S. territories all share the country code “1.”

There may also be a number added to the country code if the given country has a different method for calling a mobile phone rather than a landline. For instance, in Mexico, you must dial “1” after the country code (“52”) to reach a mobile phone number.

Dial the city/area code, if applicable. After the international dialing code and country code, you will dial the city code or area code, typically given as part of the local number. This narrows down the phone number to a specific city or region within the country you’re calling to.

The city/area code can be a number between 1-3 digits long.

Note that smaller countries may not use city or area codes at all, in which case you will dial whatever phone number is given.

Note that if a city/area code is not given to you, you should ask for it from the individual that holds the phone number rather than look it up based on location. Someone’s current address or home city may not be the same as their area code, because a phone can be purchased in a different area code than where it is used.

Input the remaining digits of the phone number. Dial the remaining digits of the phone number you were given after you have put in the IDD number, country code, and city/area code. Then press the call button on your phone to place the call.

Note that a phone number from another country may have more or fewer digits than the standard 7 numbers in a domestic U.S. phone number.

If a “0” is given before the phone number you are meant to call, omit this and dial the following phone number. The zero is a “trunk code” meant for domestic calls within many countries, but is not used for placing international calls.

For a complete example, say you are calling the British Museum in London, England in the United Kingdom. To call from the U.S., you use the IDD number “011.” The country code for the UK is “44,” and the area code for London is “20.” The rest of the phone number is “7323 8299.” So, in total, you would dial 011 44 20 7323 8299 to place your call to the museum.

Updated on: 08/22/2019