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Troubleshooting your Voiply Adapter

Troubleshooting your Home Phone

Solutions for common phone issues.

Written by Ryan Lowe

If you are having issues making or receiving phone calls, have no dial tone, or don't see all 3 blue lights on your Voiply Adapter lit, here are some steps to get you up and running again:

Step 1
Try a simple reboot of the adapter - Simply unplug the adapter from power, count to 5, then plug it back into power. Be sure that all cables are securely connected (Ethernet cable is plugged into a router via a cable in the blue port, and the telephone is plugged into the adapter in the green port).

Step 2
Is the phone getting an IP address from your network 💻🔌❓You can find the IP by following these steps 📖:

Use a telephone connected to phone port of your HT801.
Press * (press the star key three times) to access the IVR menu and wait until you
hear “Enter the menu option “.
Press 02 and the current IP address will be announced.
You should hear an address that doesn't start with 0 or 169.

If the phone is not getting an IP, please check to make sure that the ethernet cable is plugged into the LAN port, and the other end is plugged into port 1-4 on your router/switch/modem. 

Step 3
Next we can check for possible issues with your home network:

Run our speed test and SIP ALG test to confirm there are no network issues. 

Speed Test


If SIP ALG is detected, please use this article to disable it on your network modem/router: How To disable SIP ALG

Updated on: 09/27/2021

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