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Getting Started with Voiply Home

Getting Started with Voiply Home

Written by Ryan Lowe

This guide will get you up and running with your new Voiply Home Adapter and Service! With just a few easy steps you can be making phone calls in no time!

Quick start guide:

If you like you can first watch our helpful video:

Voiply Home Setup Video

Plug the Voiply Adapter into your Router via ethernet (the blue port on the Adapter).

Plug your existing analog phone line into the port on the back (the green port on the Adapter) and then plug the device into power.

When all the lights on the Adapter light up solid blue, you are ready to make calls! Please note that you will see the Adapter reboot twice times while it configures your account. (It can take up to 5 minutes to fully configure.)

Please be sure to disable your answering machine if your phone has one, the Voiply Home service routes all voicemail to the email setup on your extension.

If you have any questions please reach out to us via chat at

Updated on: 06/15/2023