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Calls Showing Up as SPAM on Cell Phones

For residential users who want to make sure their home calls are not inadvertently blocked, we encourage the use of the free website, which will allow businesses to register their business/home number(s) and name, so their calls to customers are recognized as legitimate.

While these databases are internally maintained by destinations such as Verizon, the calling or receiving party would have to report the mis-identification to the called party. However, the below information contains information and links to the three big carriers for reporting this.

T-Mobile and MetroPCS (which is owned by T-Mobile) now offer a Scam ID feature that's turned on by default. Other companies are slowly picking up on this feature as well. Unfortunately, this is something VI is unable to assist or correct as the information is stored by the term side and added to the caller ID field. Customer can go to the following website to see if the Scam Likely caller ID can be removed: or

Other caller ID names that could appear in due to this feature are:

• Telemarketing
• Political
• Survey
• Charity
• Prison/Jail
• Informational
• Nuisance

T-Mobile users can also dial #634# to disable call blocking (such as from other T-Mobile source numbers), and dial #664# to re-enable the feature

AT&T has their own program for customers similar to T-Mobile. AT&T Call Protect is an app and database that AT&T customer can flag numbers as being problematic. Customer can do the following:

• Block
• Report
• Lookup (This cost an extra fee)
• Customer can also report spam text messages too.

Request to Remove Spam Notice for ATT:

Calling parties and customers who believe a call has been mislabeled may use the following site:


Sprint customers can use the free website to report calls that were improperly identified or blocked. Sprint customers can disable call blocking at any time. Businesses or Sprint customers can also call T-Mobile at 1-888-211-4727 for assistance.

Updated on: 10/12/2022