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Call Waiting

Call Waiting for Voiply Home

Written by Ryan Lowe

This guide will give an introduction into how Call Waiting works for your Voiply Home phone service.

1) When on a call, if another call comes in you will hear a beep on your handset, you will also see the incoming Caller ID if your analog phone supports it.

2) In order to switch between calls, you will need to locate the Flash button on your phone. You simply need to push the Flash button to switch to the new incoming call.

3) After pressing flash you will answer the incoming call and place your current call on hold (they will hear soothing hold music while you answer your new call).

4) You may press flash to jump between calls if needed. If you hang up on one call and the other is still on hold, the on hold call will ring back in for you to resume the call.

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Updated on: 04/21/2021