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Analog Faxing with the Voiply Home Adapter

Please note that we do not offer technical support for troubleshooting analog fax-related issues.

We value our customers' satisfaction above all else. Therefore, it is important for us to be transparent and share that we do not recommend using VoIP, or any VoIP carrier, for faxing at this time.

Based on our observations, approximately half of our customers who attempt faxing over our service experience no issues whatsoever. However, for the other half, it can be an extremely frustrating experience.

The discrepancy seems to lie in the sensitivity of analog fax devices themselves. More sensitive devices may struggle to handle any irregularities in the transmission, resulting in premature call termination.

We want to clarify that we do not actively block faxing on our network, and our customers are free to try sending and receiving faxes using our service.

Please note that faxing is not a feature we are currently focusing on in our product development roadmap. As a result, we strongly suggest that customers with high fax volume consider utilizing our fax service.

Note: You might need to adjust your fax machine or all in one device, some require fax only mode. It is best to reach out directly to the devices manufacturer for support with VOIP and faxing

Updated on: 07/04/2023

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