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Troubleshooting Your Phone System
Solutions for common phone issues.
Written by Felix Yanko

Step 1
Run our speed test and SIP ALG test to confirm there are no network issues. 

Speed Test


If SIP ALG is detected, please use this article to disable it on your network modem/router: How To disable SIP ALG 

Step 2
If the line buttons on the phone are red, try rebooting the phone

Step 3
Is the phone getting an IP address from your network 💻🔌❓You can find the IP by following this guide 📖:

Find the IP of your phone

If the phone is not getting an IP, please check to make sure that the ethernet cable is plugged into the LAN port, and the other end is plugged into port 1-4 on your router/switch/modem. 

Step 4
If calls are not routing properly verify the phone number action is set in the Voiply portal. Change the destination to your extension number if you are having issues. 

How to Configure Phone Numbers

Please note changes in the portal can take up to 15 minutes to take effect.

If you are still having trouble please chat with us for assistance!
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