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How do I send SMS/text messages with my phone number?

How do I send SMS/text messages with my phone number?

Written by Brooke Rhodes

If you have not requested SMS to be setup on your number, please open a support chat with us to get that process started.

If SMS to Email is enabled on your phone number you can then send and receive SMS using your DID. You will send the SMS message through your email account and the recipient will receive it to their phone as an SMS message. When someone sends an SMS message to your phone number you will receive it as an email. To send an SMS message through email follow the below example:

Open a new Email

In the "To" box type

In this example F4129271503 would be your DID with SMS Enabled

T4122460700 would be the number you are sending SMS to

The body of your email will be sent as the SMS message.

The subject is not needed and will be ignored.

Another way to look at this is when you go to send the email, if you number was 4129271503, and you wanted to text 8142223333, you would send an email from the email provided when setting up sms. It would look like:

The sending email address will also need a valid SPF record or the message will fail

Updated on: 01/10/2024