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How do I configure my Voicemail Greeting

How do I configure my Voicemail Greeting

Written by Felix Yanko

Simple Configuration:

Press the Voicemail button on your phone or dial *97.

  Enter your voicemail PIN when prompted (The default PIN is the extension number, extension 102 would have a PIN of 102 for example).

  Enter option 5 for Advanced Options.

  Press Option 1 to record a new greeting, then 1 again for the first mailbox. Follow the prompts to complete the recording. Once it is done the system will automatically setup the new greeting for you.

(Please note, you can use *98 to access other mailboxes. *98 will prompt you for the mailbox and the password when called. Once in the mailbox, start at Step 3 to record a new voicemail.)

Advanced Configuration:
To configure your voicemail greeting you need a Recording file

Case 1: When you do have your own Recording file

To access your voicemail recordings go to Services -> Voicemail

From here you will want to click on Greetings for the voicemail box that you wish to upload the greeting to

Once in the greetings page you can choose to upload a greeting from a file on your computer. You can do this from the top right where you see '**Select a file**' and then click Upload

Once uploaded you will see the greeting in the main window. If you have multiple greetings you can listen to them from the portal and choose which one you wish to use. 

Case 2: When you don't have your own Recording file

You can use our Text to speech feature to create a new recording for your voicemail greetings.

To create new recording go under Services > Recordings.

Type in your desired text or you can use our Sample Voicemail Greeting

Then click on Record & hit Save to save the recording. 

Now you need to save the recording on your computer, to do that click on download button next to that recording.

Now you just need to follow same steps mentioned in Case 1 to upload it under Voicemail Greetings.

You can upload up to 8 recordings per voicemail box.

NOTE: When uploading a Voicemail recording make sure to upload a wav file.

Updated on: 01/10/2024