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Recording Calls

Recording Calls

This will explain how to enable recording and where to listen to the recorded calls

Written by John Prechtl

To get started, log into your Voiply port by going to After that follow the steps below to start getting your calls recorded. 

From your portal , Select Services > Extensions

From here you will select the extension you wish to enable call recording on by clicking on the extension.

Once you are in the extension, Toward the bottom you will have an option for 'Record'. This will be where you enable or disable recording. You will have the following options:

All - Record All Calls to/from this extension
Local - Record only local calls from this extension
Inbound - Record only calls made to this extension
Outbound - Record only calls made from this extension

Once you select the record option you wish to use. Click Save in the bottom right of the page.

After the option has been set, You can find all recorded calls under Reports > Call Detail Records. 

Once you are in the Call Detail Records, Any calls that have been recorded will show a Play and Download button on the same line. 

Simply click on the Play or Download button to either Play the recording right over your computer or you can download it for future records. 

Please note recordings are kept in Call Detail Records for 90 days. If you wish to have them longer, please use the download function from the portal and save them locally.

Updated on: 01/10/2024