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Managing Users

Users are the extensions on your system. This article describes how to add, edit, and remove users to the system. System users are users associated with call routing, auto attendants, ring groups, and other system features.


Displaying the Users Page
Adding Users
Editing Users
Deleting Users

Displaying the Users Page

All user tasks are performed from the Users page. To display this page, click the Users icon on the menu bar:

The following figure shows an example of the Users page.

A search field at the top-left of the page allows you to search users by entering their name or extension.

Where to go from here:

Add users
Edit users
Import users
Delete users

Adding Users

From the Users page, click the + New User button. An Add a User pop-up window similar to the following appears.

Complete the fields. Once the License Type is entered more fields will then be available to fill up. (See Table 1.1)

Click Add User.

Table 1.1 - Adding/Editing Users

Enter a usernameEnter the user’s first name. The dial-by-name directory can match on this field, but will by default match Last Name.
Email AddressEnter the email on which user can login on the portal and this will also where they will received the voicemail or invite messages.
License TypeChoose the license type of this user whether its a Voice or Admin type of user. Admin will have complete control of the system while a user is limited to their extension/user only.
Extension NumberChoose the number through which this user can be reached out internally. Extension number should be 2-4 digits only.
Outbound Caller IDSelect which phone number from the dropdown list will be used for the extensions Caller ID Number.
Send calls to Voicemail afterChoose how long the extension should ring before going to voicemail or hangup.

Editing Users

There might be times when you need to edit users. For example, you might need to change names, passwords, answering rules, voice mail, or phone settings.

From the users page click on the Icons under Actions

The PEN icon allows you to edit the following settings below:

The Message Icon allows you to view current user's Voicemail Messages as shown below.

The Gear Icon allows you to manage further settings of the user. (See Table 1.2)

Table 1.2 - Gear Icon user settings

MobileThe QR code that you will scan after downloading the mobile app to configure the current user.
DesktopClick on this one after downloading the desktop app to configure the current user.
Send calls to Voicemail afterChoose how long the extension should ring before going to voicemail or hang-up. You can choose between 2-10 Rings by default set to 4.
Enable VoicemailChoose whether to enable or disable current users voicemail.
Greeting MessageClick on Change button to update current users greeting for voicemail.
Email AddressEmail on which the user will receive the voicemail.
PasswordEnter the password to be used when accessing it via voicemail center.
Enable Call ForwardingChoose whether to enable or disable call forwarding for the current user. This will allow you to forward calls internally or externally and you will also have an option to ring all destinations simultaneously.
Enable/Disable DNDEnables or Disabled the DND feature (Do not Disturb).

Deleting Users

If you no longer need a user, you can delete the user from the system.

From the Actions Icons, click on x icon and it will prompt you to delete the user as shown below.

Updated on: 01/17/2024