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Managing Phone Numbers

Numbers section your go-to place for effortless handling of your phone numbers. Here, you can:

Start Porting Process
Edit: Update details and settings for each phone number.
View Routing: Check how your calls are being routed, ensuring optimal call management.
Delete: Remove numbers you no longer need, with safeguards against accidental deletions.

This user-friendly interface is designed for efficiency and ease, giving you complete control over your phone numbers in just a few clicks.

+ New Number

By clicking on this one, it will allow you to get a new number with your preferred area code whether it's a Local or Toll-Free Number. One you are okay with the number, you can then click on "Select" and proceed by clicking on "Add Number"

Transfer Existing Number

This will allow you to transfer a number over or port your number. (Porting process is discussed here)

Understanding the Phone Numbers Table

Label - Displays the label you've setup for the number
Caller ID (CNAM) - Displayed the caller ID setup for the number
Status - Displays the number's status
Rings to - Displays where the number is configured or routed.


Manage Call Routing

This will allow you to manage the routing of your number and will take you to the Call Routing page for the number. Details for call routing is discussed by clicking here


This will allow you to setup the Label and Caller ID for the number as shown below,

Once you are done, please click on "Save number"


This will allow you to remove/delete the number from your account and in our system.

Updated on: 01/17/2024