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Importance of Quality of Service

Importance of Quality of Service

Quality of Service Explained

Written by Shea Georgetti

What is Quality of Service?  Quality of Services also known as QoS allows for prioritizing VoIP traffic over other types of data traffic such as video, Instant Messaging, or FTP. Imagine everyone on a network streaming music, video, or browsing the internet. A call comes into your network. QoS job is to make sure your call gets the proper bandwidth, and highest prioritization. This will ensure your call is the highest of quality you expect.  

QoS all starts with a suitable network. Many businesses still end up frustrated with call quality, dropped connections and other problems associated with their VoIP service because of their router/network. Many routers, especially those designed for consumer networks, are not well optimized for VoIP, as a business may find out the hard way. 

If your experiencing any of these symptoms please check out our supported router list, SIP ALG Article or chat with one of our representatives to ask questions on your router/network.

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Updated on: 01/10/2024

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