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How to Install the phone stand

How to install the phone stand

This article will show the two different ways a stand can be put on

Written by John Prechtl

The desk phones come with 1 stand that can be setup to be used either mounted to a wall or on a desktop. Below you will see the examples on how to setup each.

1. Desktop

For the desk the stand will be connected to the phone with the 2 clips at the top of the stand.

This will allow the phone to sit on the desk and be tilted slightly back

2. Wall mount

For this , we will take the stand and have it sitting flat on the back of the phone which will allow it to be mounted to the wall.

This will allow for the phone to be mounted on the wall with 2 screws that will slide into the back of the base after connecting it to the phone.

Updated on: 01/10/2024