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How to Factory Reset your GXP 16xx Phones

A common practice when troubleshooting and provisioning IP devices is the factory reset, or a full restoration of the phone to its factory settings.

Please note that a factory reset is not a step that you would want to perform, without first consulting the support team.

It is important to understand that while factory resetting a phone is a great backup plan if a device is not working properly, all of the localized settings on the device are lost when you factory reset. While you can reconfigure your phones with auto provisioning or configuration files that can be easily reapplied to the phone, it is important to remember to do so.

How do I factory reset my Grandstream Phone?

Applies to Grandstream model GXP 16xx Phones (GXP 1615 shown here):

Press the Menu button to bring up the keypad configuration menu;
Select Config and enter
Select Factory Reset

A warning window will pop up to make sure a reset is requested and confirmed;

Press the OK softkey to confirm and the phone will reboot.

Updated on: 02/07/2024