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How to enable Page Feature on Phones

How to enable Page Feature on Phones

Written by Gohar Sultan

Supported Phones: Deluxe GXP2135 & Receptionist GXP2170

This guide will show you how to add Page feature on Deluxe and Receptionist Phones via the online portal.

Programming a Page button on your phones is done from the endpoint in your Voiply Portal. Follow steps below to add the settings:

Click on Services > Endpoints and selecting the MAC address of the phone you with to program.
or Go to Services > Extensions and select the extension of the person you wish to program.

From here you will see under Device Provisioning the MAC address, click on this MAC address and it will take you to the endpoint configuration.

Under keys we are going to select the Key number which we want to configure as a page button. Under Values add the same exact values "" and select the other options as mentioned in screenshot below:
Page Function

Then click on Save button & reboot your phone to grab the changes.

Please note that this would be an Intercom feature in which there would be only one way audio.

Updated on: 01/10/2024