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How do I setup an Auto Attendant / IVR?

How do I setup an Auto Attendant / IVR?

Written by Ryan Lowe

First you will need to login to your portal at

Second you will need to navigate to Services > Auto Attendant

Then click the Orange plus symbol on the right:

You can fill out your new auto attendant based on this template:

You can point the options to extensions, ring groups, or voicemails.

Please note: To add more destinations once you have filled out each box, simply save and you will be given a blank row below your current set.

We have setup a helpful video here for a bit more help if needed.

Please note, after setting up your auto attendant you will need to add it to your call flow. Please see this article on how to point your number to your new auto attendant: 

Changes in the portal can take up to 30 minutes to take effect.

Updated on: 01/10/2024