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How do I setup a Time Condition?

How do I setup a Time Condition?

Written by John Prechtl

A Time Condition can help your business route your calls to the appropriate call flow throughout the day. For example, if you wanted calls to your phone number to ring an auto attendant during business hours, but got to a mailbox after hours, you would first create the Time Frame setting. For the During Hours option, select the auto attendant. For the After Hours setting, select the mailbox. Then go to the settings for the phone number, and select Time Frame as the option for the alternate destination. See image example below.

To configure a Time Condition.

Login to Portal
Services > Time Schedules
Hit the + sign to create a new Time Condition
Setup your settings for your business needs.
Be sure to create an extension number that is not being used.

This example has Monday - Friday from 8AM - 5PM ring to a Main Auto Attendant (200) after hours it goes to a VM box that has a after hours recording.

Please note, after setting up your time condition in order to get it working you will have to point your number directly to this Time Condition. Please see this article on how to point your number to your new time condition:

Updated on: 01/10/2024