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How do I configure an Auto attendant / IVR

Automated attendants (“auto attendants”) are automated greetings with options to route calls.

You can edit auto attendant settings and record the auto attendant greeting via text to speech or upload your own recording.

Displaying the Auto Attendants Page

All auto-attendant tasks are performed from the Auto Attendants page. To display this page, click the Auto Attendant's icon on the menu bar:

The following figure shows an example of the Auto Attendants page.

From the Auto Attendants page, you can:

Create and Edit Auto attendants
Delete Auto attendants
See list of Auto attendants

Creating and Editing Auto Attendants

The following procedure describes how to create and edit auto attendants.

From the Auto Attendants page, click the "Create a Auto Attendant". The pop window will then appears that will allow you to configure/create your auto attendant.

Editing an Auto Attendant


Enter a name for this auto attendant. The name should allow you to differentiate this auto attendant from other auto attendants you configured.

Greeting Message

Click the set a greeting message to display the Manage Greetings pop-up window and from here you can upload or use the text to speech option to create a recording.

Menu Options

Route calls to one of a variety of resources when a caller selects that option. Click a destination for each Key number, and then select an application from the following pop-up:

Forward to a user - Allows you to forward the destination to a user/extension.
Send to Voicemail - Allows you to forward the destination to a user/extension voicemail box.
Forward to a group - Allows you to forward the destination to Ring Group.
Play an announcement - Allows you to play an announcement or a recording when the option is selected.

Default Action

This will route the caller to a destination when the caller stays on the line without selection an option from your Menu.

One you are done, click on Save Phone Menu.

Updated on: 01/17/2024