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Getting your Voiply Online Business Order Started

Getting your Voiply Online Business Order Started

From your favorite web browser please visit to get your order started.

Once on the page, we can then move down to Company Numbers:

You can add new numbers with the New Number button, this will allow you to pick a City and State and search for the perfect number!

You may also choose bring your number, this will allow you to check if your current number can be ported to Voiply.

You will want to click EDIT for each number you add, this will allow you to pick a Call Scenario for your numbers:

Most folks with one Extension choose Basic, you can also Setup and Auto Attendant if you wish.

After we setup the Call Scenarios we will want to see about adding other extensions or phones.

Next we can setup any Voiply Apps

Be sure to click the Pencil icon on each App after adding it to setup any additional configuration.

Be sure to fill out all required fields, then after that you can choose Monthly or Annual billing (Annual billing saves 20%):

You can review all taxes and fees, as well as your monthly subtotal minus taxes and fees. After everything looks good you can simply Click pay now to check out. You will need to use SMS or a Social Media account to validate your order:

After validation you will be presented with your portal. Please save this URL in your browser by bookmarking it for later use. You can adjust all settings for Call Scenarios, Voicemails, as well as Call Forwarding all from your portal.

Updated on: 01/09/2024