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Getting Started with eFax

Getting Started with eFax

Written by Ryan Lowe

First, open a new email message

Type the fax full 11 digit fax number with no dashes then add in the "To" field. 

An example would look something like this:

Next, attach your document and type a message in the body of the email which will be converted into a cover letter, or leave the body/subject blank. If nothing is attached the subject/body will be the faxed message. 

Next, when the fax is ready, press send.

You will then receive an email notification that the fax s queued, then another notification once it has been delivered. 

(Please note: Customers can only send faxes using an email account that is registered with our system. If you would like to send using other accounts you would have to sign them up for free (limited) sending accounts at

If you have any issues receiving the Queued Successfully and Delivered emails be sure to also check your Junk email. You may also need to white list the domain within your spam filter.

Updated on: 01/09/2024

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