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Firmware Upgrade of Polycom VVX Phones

Supported Models: Polycom VVX 101/150, 201/250, 301/311/350, 401/411/450, 501 & 601

This guide outlines how to upgrade the firmware of a Polycom IP phone using the device’s own web interface. This step is required prior to the provisioning of the phone to ensure that the minimum required features are implemented into the device's firmware.

Upgrade Firmware

To manually upgrade the firmware for your supported Polycom VVX:

Point your browser to https://<Phone’s IP Address>.

Please following steps to grab IP address on your phone:

From Home/Menu, select Settings.
Select Status.
Select Network.
Select TCP/IP Parameters.

Enter the password (default is “456”).
Go to “Utilities” >> “Software Upgrade”.

Select “Poly Hosted Server” and then click on “Check for Updates”.
Select the Latest Firmware available.
Click on “Install”.
The phone reboots to install the required firmware.

Updated on: 04/22/2024

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