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Factory Reset Polycom Edge E Phones

Applies To

Polycom Edge E100
Polycom Edge E220
Polycom Edge E350
Polycom Edge E450
Polycom Edge E500
Polycom Edge E550

Restore To Factory Default Settings

If needed, you can reset the Poly Edge phone to its factory default settings:

Press the Home Button (top right), then use the Circular key (below) to navigate.
Select Settings and then Advanced.
Enter your Password: 456 (Default password)

NOTE: A password reset may be necessary if your password is unknown. See Troubleshoot Issues (Unknown Password).

Select Admin Settings and then Reset to Defaults.
Select Reset Local Configuration and then Yes.
Select Reset Web Configuration (if available), and then Yes.

NOTE: Never select Format File System when performing a factory reset as this will delete the firmware from the phone.

Select Reset to Factory and then Yes.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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