Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb From Your Desk Phone
This article explains how to enable/disable do not disturb using your Grandstream desk phone
Written by John Prechtl

Do not disturb is a feature that can allow you to stop calls to your phone, and send them direct to voice mail.

On the standard, deluxe, reception and wireless phones, if you see the DND symbol that means DND is enabled. The symbol looks like this:

If you press the mute button on your phone, while not on a call, you will enable DND. See the button locations for these phones below:

Standard phone:

Deluxe phone:


Reception phone:

Please note, if the phone is part of a ring group, ALL CALLS will go to the alternate destination if even 1 phone is on DND mode. DND should not be used if the phone is part of a ring group.
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