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Call Recording

Activate Call Recording

There are multiple ways to activate call recording.

Activate Call Recording on all calls in a call queue - After creating a call queue, open the call queue and enable call recording. This option will record all calls that pass through the queue.

Activate Call Recording on a User's Device by navigating to the User's Phones Tab, clicking on the device on which you want to add Call Recording and then select Yes in the Record Calls drop down. This will record all calls on the User's device.

Activate Call Recording on a Per Call Basis.

Option 1 - While on a call, press *80 to start recording. Press *81 to stop recording(please note the user profile does not require call recording to be enabled for this functionality).
Option 2 - Login into your user portal and click record or stop record in the active call widget.

Starcodes Applicable to Call Recording

If call recording is enabled by default at the user or device level, take note of the following:

Using *80 (Start Recording) and *81 (Stop Recording) will only record the call between the use of the *80 and *81 and not the full call. (Note: These starcodes can only be used once per call)
*81 will not work if *80 was not previously used.
You may use *82 (Pause Recording) and *83 (Resume Recording) several times in a call. (Note: After using *82 Call Recording will resume after 1 minute if *83 has not been pressed.)
*82 and *83 will work with or without the use of *80 and *81

If call recording is not enabled by default at the user and device level take note of the following:

Call recording will only be done if *80 and *81 are used.
*82 and *83 will NOT work.

Note: If only *80 was used and *81 was not pressed before the end of the call. The recording will still be ok but will only start from *80 and end at termination of the call.

Listening to Call Recordings

All call recordings will be stored in the users Call History within the User Portal and can be played back on the fly or downloaded.

Just find the call you want to playback and click Listen, see below:

You can also download the call as a .wav file and play it back on your PC.

Adding Notes to a Recorded Call

After a call is recorded, it is possible to Add Notes to the call. See the below image.

You will then see a "Notes" pop-up with Disposition, Reason and a Notes Field. Simply enter a note or notes and click Save.

NOTE: To create a pre-made list of dispositions to choose from, please open a support ticket for assistance.

When and if you Export the call history you will see the Note/s in the Notes Column next to the call.

Updated on: 02/12/2024