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Announce Callers or Wait Times for a Call Queue

Call queues often have a configuration to announce the number of callers waiting or to announce expected wait times. It is possible to use one of these settings but not both.

The setting for announcements is not found on the queue itself but can be set in one of two places:

From your dashboard click on Inventory > Phone Numbers tab.

The options will show once you select Treatment: Call Queue

From your dashboard > Auto Attendants tab, when editing an Auto-Attendant.

The options will show when you select the Call Queue Application in the Dial Pad Menu.

Upon entering the call queue, the audio will be played back to the caller.

What if I want to route to a Call Queue from a Routing User, or in answering rules?

If you are routing from a different destination, such as a routing user, you can set up a DID to go to the queue and route to that DID.

How are the timers calculated?

The statistics are calculated in real-time. The number of callers announcement simply states the number of callers in the queue.

The queue expected wait time is based on the same AWT statistic shown on a Call Center Supervisor dashboard, it is calculated by the average waiting time of currently active waiting calls. For example:

If Caller 1 is waiting for two minutes
Caller 2 is waiting for four minutes
The wait time announcement will state three minutes for a caller entering the queue.

Updated on: 02/12/2024