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Porting in your number to Voiply

Porting in your number to Voiply

Written by John Michael

When switching to Voiply and keeping your existing number. Make sure to submit a port request in the Voiply Portal in case in hasn't been initiated. We recommend uploading your current phone bill when submitting the request to simplify the process. Porting process can take 7-10 business days, there will be no downtime, and we can assign a temporary number if requested. Our porting team will keep you updated via email and SMS.

You can access your portal here:

Click on Submit Port Request

Enter all the information required

Click on Submit Port Request

To update a port request, click on Update Information

Check Reason of Rejection
Information needed to dispute the rejection
Enter the information required
Upload a COB - Copy of your Bill. Latest copy of Bill (Recommended)
Update Request

If you have any questions about the porting process, please check out our Porting FAQ

If you require assistance with the porting process please reach out to us at

Updated on: 07/25/2023