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Porting FAQ

Porting FAQ

Written by Ryan Lowe

This article will cover some of the frequently asked questions that customers may run into during the porting process.

How much does it cost to Port a Number to Voiply?

Voiply does not charge to port in or out a number, the porting service is free of charge.

How do I start the porting process?

You can review our guide on porting your numbers here.

How long will it take to port my number?

Port lengths are subject to change based on which carrier you’re porting from. Port times range from 3-10 day minimums usually. If a port is considered “complex” by the losing carrier, it will extend processing time by a few days.

What will happen if my port request is rejected?

We will be in touch via email with the current status of your port, if for whatever reason it is rejected, we can work with you to resolve this quickly. In most cases its missing or incorrect information that can be corrected.

Can I expedite my port request?

We always try to get your number ported in the shortest amount of time possible, but delays may occur because of a holiday, or a port rejection. There are also certain time limits set up by the FCC. With that being said at this time Voiply does not offer an option to expedite port requests.

Do I need to keep my current number active, will there be any downtime during the porting process?

You will want to keep your current number/service active while you port into Voiply. You should not experience any downtime during the process, your service will still function with your old carrier until the port is completed on our end. It is important to have your Voiply equipment setup before the FOC date, this will ensure a seamless transition. Please reach out to our Support Team via chat if you have any questions about the setup process.

Am I able to port out numbers that I picked out during my checkout process with Voiply?

Yes, that is not an issue at all! Please reach out to our Support Team via chat to get the port out process started.

I have ported my number to Voiply, what should I do with my old account?

Once everything has been ported over to Voiply and everything is working as it should, it is best to reach out to your old provider to ensure that the account will be closed and to settle up anything else they might need from you.

I have my Caller ID with Name setup on my number, will this transfer when porting?

If you had CNAME setup with your previous provider, it will not be transfered. Please reach out to our Support Team via chat to ensure all CNAME changes are processed.

How long should I wait for updates?

Most ports take 3 days to receive an update. Any time a port is rejected, it will reset the processing time for the port.

List of common acronyms used while porting:

LOA - Letter of Authorization. The form we will need completed porting your number(s). This form gives us permission to request, on your behalf, to port your number(s) to a different phone provider.

FOC - Firm Order Confirmation. This is the date in which a phone provider will complete the port of a number(s).

BTN - Billing Telephone Number. This is the main telephone number listed on your account. Depending on what type of account you have, you could have just one BTN or you could have several. When porting numbers to Voiply, be sure to ask your current phone provider what the BTN(s) is/are for the number(s) you wish to port.

LSP - Losing Service Provider (aka Losing Carrier). This is the phone provider that your number(s) is/are leaving from.

CSR - Customer Service Record. Every carrier has a record that has your number(s), address, and Billing Telephone Number (BTN)(s). Provides correct porting details for the numbers associated with an account. Please note that the information listed on the CSR may not be the same information listed on the billing portion of your account.

LSR - Local Service Request. This is the actual order request that the losing carrier will receive from the gaining provider. All of the information on this request must match the losing carrier’s (CSR) in order for them to issue a FOC date.

PON – Porting Order Number. This is the confirmation number that is created once the order has been sent to the losing carrier.

CLEC - Competitive Local Exchange Carrier or Upstream carrier. Most carriers are resellers from larger upstream carriers.

TN = Telephone Number.

TF = Toll Free Number.

EU = End User or Customer.

NPA NXX = Number Plan Area, commonly called Area Code. NXX refers to the three digits of a phone number immediately following the area code. In the number (555) 777-0000, the NPA is “555” and the NXX is “777”.

When should I file with the FCC?

The losing carrier is required to provide the correct information for the end user to port out. If the carrier refuses to provide the correct information, or provides information they proceed to reject, you may need to file with the FCC.

Please feel free to reach out to us via chat if you have any further questions!

Updated on: 08/19/2021