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Voiply Privacy Scrub

Voiply's Internet Scrubbing Service Protects Your Online Privacy

What is scrubbing the internet?
Scrubbing the internet refers to the process of removing or minimizing personal information, unwanted content, or traces of online activity from various online platforms and search engine results. It involves the deletion or suppression of sensitive data such as personal contact details, social media posts, images, and other digital footprints that may be associated with an individual or organization.

What Personal Data is Exposed Online?
In today's digital world, personal data is increasingly being exposed online, making it crucial for individuals to be aware of the potential risks and take steps to protect their privacy.

Relatives’ Names
Home Address
Net Worth
Date of Birth
Traffic Violations
Consumer Behavior Data
Marital Status
Divorce Records
Education Level
Social Security Number


Why Opt Out From Data Brokers
Data breaches and identity theft have become increasingly common in today's digital age. By opting out of data brokers, you reduce the risk of your personal information falling into the wrong hands. This can help safeguard your identity and prevent fraudulent activities that could negatively impact your finances and reputation.

Consumer personal data is big business
4,000+ data brokering companies worldwide in this $200 billion industry.

Consumer identity is at risk
95% of consumers & employees have private personal data exposed on data broker & people search sites without their consent, putting their privacy & security at risk.

Securing online privacy is a relentless battle
While a few states have implemented data privacy laws, most of the U.S. (most of the world) has few or any laws that regulate collecting and sharing data. Even when individuals delete their information from these sites, they are typically re-exposed 2-3 times a year.

Why Choose Voiply's Privacy Scrub

Voiply's Privacy Scrub provides comprehensive opt-out services, helping you remove your personal information from various data broker databases. By opting out, you can minimize the amount of personal information available to third parties and reduce the risk of your data being sold or misused.

How Voiply's Internet Scrubbing Service Works

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Updated on: 01/10/2024

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