CoreNexa Mobile App (User Guide)

Use this helpful guide to learn more about the CoreNexa Mobile app for iOS and Android. The guide includes step-by-step instructions of most of the standard, customer-facing tasks you’ll do with the CoreNexa Mobile App.


There are 2 ways to install the CoreNexa Mobile App:

Using Desktop Client: (Desktop User Guide)

Under the Applications Module, select Mobile Download.
Scan the code using a QR Reader on your mobile device.

Directly from the App Store

Search "CoreNexa" in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
Download the CoreNexa™ Mobile app.
Follow the instructions to install.


Once the app is installed on your device:

Tap the CoreNexa Mobile icon
On the sign in screen enter your username & password

Navigating Around the App

The main screen is the list of menu options that provide all the functionality of the app.

As you click into each menu item, click on the menu icon to be taken back to the main menu.

Landing Screen

Once logged in for the first time the app will land you on the default landing screen on the Dialpad. Subsequent visits will take you to the last menu option that you closed the app on.

From the landing screen you can perform the following:

Make a call
View your Call History
View/edit your contacts
Search by name, phone number or extension


Use the dialpad to place calls.

The following actions are available while on a call:
Audio - switch between microphone, speaker and connected bluetooth devices
Record (if purchased)

Call Actions

While on an active call you can switch between microphone, speaker and connected
bluetooth devices.

To switch press the audio button and select which option you want to use by pressing
that option

audio switch options

Call Waiting
While on an active call you have the ability to receive a second inbound call. When the call arrives, you will be presented with a screen to make the following selection

call waiting

Recent Calls

“Recent calls” provides a view of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

At the top of the screen there are two tabs: All & Missed.

All will display all types of call activity.
Missed will provide only missed calls.

recent calls

Each entry will provide the following:

Direction of call
Name / Number
Date & time
Ability to call
Ability to create contact (if not already a contact)

recent calls details


Contacts are organized under 4 tabs:

To favorite a contact, click on the contact entry and select the Favorite icon
To share a contact, click on the contact entry and select the Share icon
To call a contact directly from the contact entry, press the phone icon


Search through your Contacts and Recent Calls by Name, Company name, Phone number or Extension. Start typing and all matches will appear.

For example, if you type in 610, then all matches that have 610 will appear. As you keep tying in additional numbers the search will narrow down.


Caller ID: the name & number of the person that left you a voicemail

Date & time

Voicemail transcription (if purchased)


Click on the Voicemail menu item to see your visual voicemail.

The following information is available for each voicemail received:

Caller ID: the name & number of the person that left you a voicemail
Date & time
Voicemail transcription (if purchased)

The following actions are available for each voicemail:

Listen to voicemail
Send voicemail via email

Delete by sliding voicemail entry to the left

delete Voicemail

To delete multiple voicemails:

Click Delete in the top right hand corner
Select the voicemail(s) you want to delete
Click Delete in the lower left hand corner

To delete all simply click Delete All in the lower right hand corner


Messages allows the ability to send and view received SMS messages.
Note: Users must have purchased the SMS service in order to send/receive.

To Send a Message:

Click on the plus icon
Start typing in the person’s first name, last number or number. A smart search will appear for you to then select. You can add up to 9 additional people in a message.
Enter your message in the Enter Message box.
Add an image or file by clicking on the icons to the left of the message field.
Click the Send icon to send


To Receive a Message:

When somebody sends you a text you will see it bold in your message list.
Click on the message to view



You can search your message list by name or phone number by entering your seach criteria in the Search box located at the top of the message list

Mute or Leave a Conversation

From the message list swipe the individual message to the left in order to Mute or Leave a conversation.

You can also click three dots (more actions) located inside of a message to pull up Details, which include the following:

View Contact Details
Create new contact
Mute Conversation
Leave Conversation



Control Data Usage
If you want to control your data usage while using CoreNexa Mobile, you can select the desired data network with which to make and receive calls.

Inbound Calling
The Inbound Calling option allows the ability to set inbound call control:

Accept inbound calls via Wifi & cellular
Accept inbound calls via Wifi
Do not accept inbound calls

Calling Options

Do Not Disturb
Allows the ability to stop notifications, alerts, and calls.

To turn on: turn slider to the right

Note: When you enable "Do Not Disturb" or "Call Forward Always," an indicator appears in the lower right-hand corner of the main menu signaling these features are turned on.

Call Forward Always
Enables call forwarding to a preferred location.

To turn on - Click on the option
Select the Destination type
Click Save
When you go back to the main settings screen, the Call Forward Always icon will display as 'On'

Recent Calls
Display recent calls from preferred extension. If you have more than one extension, select the 'All Extensions' option.

Updated on: 06/24/2022