How to record audio for voicemails, and convert to WAV
Written by Ryan Lowe

First we will need to record the audio you wish to use. This can be done using a free program called Audacity. There is a bit of a learning curve, but help is available here. You can also use your favorite program or App on your phone to accomplish the same task. It's best practice to record in a quiet place, and perhaps have a written script of what you would like to say. Once you have it recorded, if you did so on the cell phone, you will need to email it to yourself and then we can convert the file to .wav.

To get the best quality on your voicemail or auto attendant recordings we recommend converting them to WAV format with 8000 Hz and 8 bit mono. Click the link below to convert your MP3 online.

Convert MP3 to WAV

NOTE: See the screenshot above for recommended settings of file type WAV, Sample rate 8000 Khz and Channels 1. Please note VoIPLy supports maximum file size of 10mb per recording.
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