How Change Sign In Method the Voiply Portal
Written by Ryan Lowe

If you are looking to change how you login to your portal, using an email/username and password instead of the social media (Gmail, Facebook, Outlook, LinkedIn), account or SMS you had validated the order with. This guide will walk you through have to complete the setup.

Once logged into the portal via Social Media that was used to validate the order, scroll down and on the left hand side of the page you will see Change Sign In Method:

Once here you will want to click Sign Up. Simply an email, username, and password:

After sign up, you will get an email to verify the account:

The next time you would like to login to the portal, you will be prompted for your username/password:

If you are not able to login, simply reach out to us via our Support Chat for further assistance, please have the email address you placed the order with handy so we can look up your account information for you.
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