How to setup VoIPLy Connect
Getting the VoIPLy Connect softphone setup.
Written by Ryan Lowe

This guide will show you how to get VoIPLy Connected installed and setup on your computer.

You can find the download link below:

VoIPLy Connect Download

Step 1.) Download and install the softphone

Finish the Install

Please click allow access when prompted:

Step 2.) Account Setup 

Please visit your portal at to gather your login information.

Under Services > Softphone select your extension and you will be presented with the manual configuration information.

Fill out the corresponding information:

Once the account information is entered, you will see a green Connected message and Icon at the bottom of the screen. It will also list your extension number.

Step 3.) Softphone Configuration

Access the settings menu:

Set your ring device and microphone:

You can adjust microphone and headset levels from the main screen:


You may dial, transfer, or hold a call from the Dial Pad Tab:

You can view call time at the bottom of the screen. The pause key will place the call on hold, and the transfer option is to the right of End Call.

You can view your call log from the Call Logs Tab:

You can create and view contacts via the Contacts Tab:

You may use a Voiply extension (you may choose to check Presence Subscription for a BLF for that extension) or you can set up a speed dial with a cell phone number.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to reach out to us via chat at
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