How to setup the address book/contacts on your phone
This article will explain how to use your voiply portal to setup contacts on your voiply phone
Written by John Prechtl

Start by logging into your Voiply portal at 

Next, you will click Services>Contacts. Then, to create a new contact click the plus button on the right side:

Next, go ahead and fill out the contact's information. Fields not needed can be left blank. One field that is required in order to get the contacts to download to your phone is the Users field at the bottom. Select the user account in this drop down for whom the contact will be downloaded to the phone. If you need to add more users, see this article before completing this setup, or you can come back to change it later:

Once this is all filled out, press Save in the upper right. 

Next, you will see more information is available to be entered for this person. You can click the Plus on the right side of each section to add information. Here the phone numbers will be the most important as these will then be downloaded to the phone. Click the plus on the right side of the "numbers" section to add an number:

Once the information is entered, hit save then repeat for any additional numbers for that particular contact. Repeat all steps above until all contacts and numbers have been created. 

Lastly, mentioned above is your user account which was selected in the contact. You will need to make sure this account is associated with the extension that is to have the contacts downloaded. This needs to be completed before you reboot the phone in the final setup before the contacts will be pulled down to your phone: 

Once completed, reboot our phone and all contacts will be downloaded if your extension is associated with your user account. This can take up to 5 minutes after the reboot is initiated, please allow some time and the contacts will be downloaded.
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