How to setup MicroSip softphone
Guide to setup MicroSip
Written by Ryan Lowe

Start by visiting and downloading the latest version of MicroSip:

While the application is downloading, please visit your portal at to gather your login information.

Under Services > Softphone select your extension and you will be presented with the manual configuration information.

Run the installer and follow the prompts to complete the install.

Once the install in completed click finish to run.

Click the dropdown to add a new account:

Fill in the SIP Server: (this will be your Domain from the Softphone menu)
Fill in the SIP Proxy: (this will be your Outbound Proxy from the Softphone menu)
The User will be your extension number.
The domain will be the same as the SIP server from step 4.
Login is just your extension number.
Password is gathered from the Softphone menu.
The display name will be the extension number.
The Voicemail Number is just the extension number in most cases.
Media Encryption is set to disabled.
Transport is Auto by default. (You may use TCP or UDP depending on your setup.)
Public Address is also set to Auto by default.

What a configuration screen looks like completed:

Next you can adjust the settings:

Match what is shown here.

You will see Online at the bottom of the application when the phone is connected.

Calls can me made by entering a number in the dial field:

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