How to import Contact List in Voiply
This article will explain how you can import your contact numbers into Voiply System
Written by Gohar Sultan

To import your contact list first you need to create a CSV file with proper formatting. 

Download the following Sample File (CSV Format):\_share=Qz876za7RkPxTzko0NIwsY003da5f0

When you are done adding your numbers in that list according to format perform the following steps to upload the list into Voiply Portal:

Step 1: Login to your Voiply Portal:

Step 2: Next, you will click Services > Contacts. Then click on IMPORT Button

 Step 3: Select your file from computer & make sure your selections should be as shown in screenshot below:

 Delimiter should be set to comma ( , ) and Enclosure should be set to nothing (Blank    space.)
 Step 4: At the last click on Upload button to upload your list.

This screen will show up which includes all the contacts you have in that list when it did a successful upload:

Note: To assign these contact list to your extensions follow the instructions mentioned in this article:
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