How do I setup the Voiply Click to Call Assistant in Google Chrome
Written by Brooke Rhodes

The Voiply Click to Call Assistant Chrome extension allows you to make phone calls from your computer using Google Chrome.

You can find the extension here

Then click Add to Chrome

Once the Extension is added you will see it at the top right of the browser

Click the Icon to setup the Plugin

You will then need to enter your portal username and password into the Credentials area then click SAVE.

Select your Caller ID number and Extension from the list. Click SAVE and SWITCH on to start using.

How it works

You can now make calls from your Voiply extension through Google Chrome. When you activate a call your desk phone will ring then the number will be dialed.

You can also highlight a phone number on the page then click the CALL button to initiate a call.

Using the web browser to make calls

If you have a have a headset you can also make calls directly from your web browser. To use the browser check the box with "Use browser" in settings. Make sure to click save. You will see a popup in the browser that allows you to hang up a call.

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