How do I configure an Extension?
Written by Ryan Lowe

You will first want to login to your portal at

Once you are logged in you will navigate to Services > Extensions

Here you will see the extensions that were set up during your initial order, or ones you have added.

To edit an extension simply click on it. This is take you into the settings page for this extension:

The items that you should update:

Outbound Caller ID Name - What your customers will see when making outbound calls
Outbound Caller ID Number - Choose from your available numbers, what your customers will see
Directory Full Name - Used in call directory
Voicemail Mail To - Email where voicemail will be sent
Description of the extension
Record options

The items that you should review with support before changing:

Hold Music
Call Screen
Device Provisioning
Extension Number changes
Voicemail Enabled

You can also set up forwarding options via the call routing menu to the upper right:

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