To import your contact list first you need to create a CSV file with proper formatting. 

Download the following Sample File (CSV Format):

When you are done adding your numbers in that list according to format perform the following steps to upload the list into Voiply Portal:

Step 1: Login to your Voiply Portal:

Step 2: Next, you will click Services > Contacts. Then click on IMPORT Button

 Step 3: Select your file from computer & make sure your selections should be as shown in screenshot below:

 Delimiter should be set to comma ( , ) and Enclosure should be set to nothing (Blank    space.)
Step 4:
At the last click on Upload button to upload your list.

This screen will show up which includes all the contacts you have in that list when it did a successful upload:

Note: To assign these contact list to your extensions follow the instructions mentioned in this article:

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