Conference bridges allow users to schedule and manage pre-planned conference calls. Voiply offers up to 25 participants to call in and join.

To setup a Conference Bridge in the portal you'll need to follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Portal
  2. Services>Conference Center
  3. Right hand side press the + to add a new conference bridge
  4. Setup new Extension (be sure to not use and existing extension number) Hit Save
  5. Once you have a new Conference Center you now need to create a Room.
  6. To Create Room. After you hit save on the right hand side you'll see Room.
  7. Configure your Room with your settings of choice.
  8. Now when you dial your conference center extension number you created in step 4. You have a working conference bridge that can be dialed internally or from an external Auto Attendant or DID.
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