QoS (Quality of Service) is designed to ensure the efficient operation of the network when the network is overloaded. Enabling QoS will specify priority levels for some devices or applications. Below are instructions on enabling QoS and adding rules.

To enable QoS go to http://tplinkwifi.net and log in with the username and password set on your router.

1. Go to Advanced>QoS>Settings

2. Select Enable QoS checkbox

3. Input the maximum upload and download bandwidth provided by your service provider. Click Advanced and drag the scroll bar to set the bandwidth priority percentage

Click Save

4. Next Add QoS Rules

5. Set a high priority rule for the ftp server. Click Add in the High Priority section

6. Select By Application and then select ftp in the list. Scroll down and click  OK

7. Set a middle priority rule for the phone

Click Add in the Middle Priority section

Select By Device and then click View Existing Devices

8. Select your device from the list

Click OK

QoS is now implemented

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