Recordings can be used for many different functions of you Voiply phone system, from IVR menu's, to voice mails. 

To upload a recording for an Auto Attendent menu, log into your Voiply web portal, then go to Services>Recordings. In the upper right hand corner, click Browse.

From here find your recording saved on your computer, click on it and then click Open. After that Click Upload.

After that your recording will appear, be sure to use the little Play button to test that your recordings plays. If it does not play you may need to check on the file to be sure it is not corrupt. Possibly try to re-upload the file. 

Text to Speech Option

Voiply also has a text to speech generator under Services>Recordings as well. Here, you can enter the text for your recording and have it automatically generate.

Enter the text you wish for the system to record, see the drop down box for different voice options, then hit record. After that you will be able to play the output by pressing the play button in the bottom left corner. If you like the recording, hit Save and your new recording will appear under your list. After that you will be able to use it for Auto Attendent menus and other Voiply features.

If you would like to upload a recording for a voice mailbox, click Apps>Voicemail, then look for the voice mail box that you would like to update the recording, then click Greetings.

After that follow the same steps from above to select your audio greeting file and upload.

Record from Desk Phone or Softphone

Dial *732 to create a recording from your desk phone or softphone then use password 1234. The recording will appear in the recordings page.

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